You may have noticed the latest feature on Instagram known as Instagram Reels. If you get into the photos based app in the past few days, you must have seen the new feature displays in the explore part. When you click on the icon, look like a Magnifying glass, you can find out and watch the short videos. Instagram Reels are nothing but short videos that just last up to thirty seconds. And you can add your creative content, you can add your own audios, and you can add your own music and effects. To continue using the Instagram application, Reels is an extra and great feature for you. 


The Reels video can be in a vertical format or horizontal format, which means users can upload the Reels videos in either horizontal format or vertical format. The vertical format will occupy the full screen of your mobile devices.  The Reels can be found in Instagram’s Explore section, as with the Instagram TV (IGTV). In this part, you can watch the REEl videos. The Reel videos on Instagram will be shown to you based on your previously watched videos and your interests. If you want to see the Reel videos on Instagram of a particular person or particular profile, you must have to enter on the person’s profile and then click on the reels icon that is next to your IGTV and feed. So then you can see the entire Reels videos created by that particular profile. 


As in the type of publication on Instagram, people can interact with reels videos just by adding to your story, comments to the video, then you can also buy Instagram Reels comments.Giving likes the Rels, and send that video privately to other people with the help of the main options. And at the bottom of your screen, you can see three dots; if you touch that, you can get options like sharing directly with other people with other social media network apps like email, Twitter, Facebook, ad Whatsapp, and the second option is copying and link and the third option is saving the pots.


Unlike Instagram TV, which had its own separate application, Reels do not have any separate app. Because the Reels feature is simply an extension on Instagram for content creation, follow the below steps to publish your Reels video on Instagram. 

  1. Enter into the Instagram application and select the camera button, the same as you are going to share an Instagram story.
  2. Scroll through the screen at the screen’s bottom. You can see the Reels option.
  3. Select your recording sped, the music, the filters are which you want to use in your videos; you can also use the timer option as if you want.
  4. And share the Reels with your followers and friends.
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