IGTV Views: How To Get More Viewers To Your Video

Currently, Instagram is one of the most celebrated social media platforms. There is a time when Instagram won’t allow the users to upload more than 60 seconds of video. Now, things have changed a lot; Instagram introduced an IGTV with new features. Did you know? Now, IGTV allows the users to create horizontal videos, changing their vertical format. And it’s easier, comfortable for people to create content. 

Are you ready to hop on IGTV? Well, that’s good; if you are already using IGTV but struggling to lengthen your watch rates, no problems.

You are in the right place; this article will guide you to amplify your IGTV viewers. 

Lets Jump,

Hashtags Are Powerful

I think you all know how hashtags are important on social media. It plays a major role in expanding your reach and maximizing your engagement level. Still, some people are using hashtags in the wrong way. It is not good to include too many irrelevant hashtags in your video. If you are looking forward to constructing an engaging audience, then you have to improvise your hashtags strategies. Check out the following points to use the right hashtags. 

  • You can use up to 30 hashtags; anyway, eleven is sufficient.
  • Your hashtags must be relevant; moreover, irrelevant hashtags lead you to gain followers; it will not stay for a long time.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags. 
  • Avoid using banned hashtags.

Use Instagram Story To Promote Your IGTV 

If you find you are getting more views when compared with video feeds. You have to make your audience aware of your next content by sharing it in your story. You can share your IGTV content on your story by hitting the arrow on your post and then clicking “add to story.” Don’t feel if you don’t have massive followers, but there is a chance to add links. You can add links to your story for your IGTV videos and get more engagement to your video. Otherwise, you can buy IGTV views to obtain more audience engagement. This one of the quickest ways to grab audience attention; it will bring more new audiences. 

Get Benefited With Instagram Live 

Another effective method to get people aware of your IGTV content by mentioning it in your live session. Whenever you go live, immediately, your followers will get a notification. Your profile will be top of your audience feed. You can give your live video title, ensuring your title is captivating, and mention your IGTV video in it. 

Make Use Of Other Platform To Promote 

When you have sufficient followers on other platforms, you can share your IGTV content there to bring your exciting followers to your IGTV channel. For instance, try Facebook, here not only links, but you can also share your full IGTV videos. To do this, just click the “share to Facebook” option when you post it. Another effective method to gain more viewers is by embedding your post on your blog or website. This will help to bring more viewers to your channel. 

Pay Attention To Cover Image, Title & Description 

The first few seconds of your video are most important because it only makes your audience watch your video or ignore it. Pick a catchy and crispy title; it must pull your audience to engage with your video. Next, keep an attractive thumbnail or cover photo, give a clear description of your video. 


IGTV is going to trend in the future; brands, marketers must grab this platform to get a unique place for their business. Getting views is the first step for getting engagement; once you start a channel, try to grow your followers and views rate. If you have these two means, then expanding the reach and gaining exposure to your channel will be easy. I hope this article helps you to gain more views on your IGTV channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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