Getting started with Instagram TV is uncomplicated than ever; now, you can automatically schedule videos of IGTV  to post to your IG and IGTV feed. It does take some best time while editing videos for the Instagram platform. Using third-party applications will help you to schedule your IGTV videos from desktop within just minutes. 

Recently Instagram rolled out the capability to schedule the videos for IGTV to your feed from your desktop using the latest Creator Studio feature of Instagram. This scheduling feature of Instagram was released on 9th July, and it will be accessible to all creators and business profiles by before time August. In addition,   Instagram TV publishing from the desktop is a huge update in the quest of Instagram to participate with TikTok and YouTube, along with permitting sharing the previews of IGTV to your Instagram feed and horizontal videos. For getting more views for your videos, buy IGTV views from us. A very strong “YouTube Studio” was given by YouTube for its creators. Instagram is now moving distant from its vertical video and mobile-first strategy for Instagram TV(IGTV) by establishing the same platform for Instagram creators.

Really Instagram is investing in heighten the IGTV, and the views of IGTV have grown up to three hundred percent since they began to execute design changes sharing to the in-app feed. Instagram TV videos are excluding from the API, so not all other third-party platforms can publish or schedule IGTV videos now. So we recommend you use Creator Studio to scheduling the content for your IGTV.

First, you have to connect your IG account to the Creator Studio of Facebook so that you can plan your Instagram TV videos from your desktop.


I began by visiting the Facebook Creator Studio. If you do not have an account on Creator Studio, create a  new account on Creator Studio. First, you have to log into your creator studio dashboard and then tap on the Instagram icon located at the upper top of your screen. And from there, you will be allowed to connect your Instagram account, and a pop-up square box will appear for you to log in to your account. You will see a dashboard for your Instagram profile once your Instagram account has connected to the Facebook Creator Studio, now you can find every IGTV video, Instagram carousel, video, and story ever posted here. Buy IGTV likes to gain much more likes and virality for your posts. This is the place that you also able to see what you have scheduled.

Now is the right time to schedule IGTV videos on Instagram. Now tap on the “create “button on the upper left-hand side corner of your screen and then select the “IGTV.” On the right side of your screen, a new window will appear. Start by choosing the Instagram account that you want to schedule your IGTv video. And then select a video to schedule and publish to IGTV.

 Keep in mind that to schedule your IGTV videos with Creator Studio, you must have an Instagram Creator profile or Instagram Business profile. 

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